H&S Compliance

National Health & Safety Company Ltd have been approved as a HABC training organisation for the delivery of the following courses:

 Level 1 award in Health & safety in the Workplace

 Level 1 award in Health & safety for Catering

 Level 1 award in Health & safety for Manufacturing

 Level 1 award in Health & safety for Retail

 Level 1 award in Health & safety for Carers

 Level 2 award in Health & safety in the Workplace

 Level 3 award in Supervising Health & safety in the Workplace

 First Aid at Work

 First Aid at Work Re-qualification

 Level 2 award in Emergency First Aid at Work

Our HABC centre number is 10572

These courses compliment the existing range of courses that we already conduct at our Scottish training offices in West Lothian and Fife, the English training offices in Cambridge and Exeter and Northern Ireland office in Co Antrim. 

Not forgetting our range of bespoke training courses that we run for clients throughout the country for a wide variety of industries.

Any questions then contact us on email training@nhasco.com  or phone 0845 0091711

If you would like to have an in-house course drop an email with the topic you would like.
Our training open courses have proved very popular and early booking is recommended as space is limited to 8 delegates per session. email
jamesd@nhasco.com for more information

H & S training at work – WHY?
OK!  So you are an employer. What are your obligations regarding the Health & Safety at work Act 1974 and the training of your staff?

The law imposes a responsibility on employers to ensure their employees’ safety at work.  As an employer, you must take reasonable steps to ensure the health, safety and welfare of your employees at work; failing to do so could lead to a criminal prosecution at a Magistrate or Crown Court.  
If you fail to ensure that your staff follow safe working practices, you could be sued by an injured employee for personal injury, or in the worst – case scenario be prosecuted for corporate manslaughter should the worker die.

There is also an implied responsibility to take reasonable steps to ensure your employees health and safety are not put at risk.  To decide what is reasonable you must balance the level of risk against the cost of eliminating the risk. This responsibility might include a duty to provide safe plant, machinery and premises, a safe system of work and competent, trained and supervised staff.
You must ensure all your employee’s receive proper adequate induction and training in working safely for your organisation. This includes training in areas such as:

First Aid – Manual Handling – Working at Height – Display Screen Equipment – Fire equipment, etc. The list can cover everything that is specific to your business profile.

New Open Training sessions now available in Scotland Area. These Half-day courses designed to make sure you know what is required under HSE law for your company compliance. Contact James Douglas jamesd@nhasco.com for full details, dates and costs.

Course M101 – Manual handling – office
Course duration: half day.

Course M102 – Manual handling – Industrial

Course duration: Full day.

Course H101 – Working at height – General

Course duration: half day.

Course H102 – Working at height – Industrial

Course duration: one day

Course F101 – Fire Awareness training

 Course duration: full day

Course O101 – Office Safety Awareness

Course duration: half day

Course G101 – Health & Safety awareness

Course duration: one – two days depending on industry standards.

Note:  All Courses are priced individually. 

Distant learning courses are provided by our Group Company - Libra Management Ltd.